<b>Supporting Gibraltar's Disabled</b>

The Gibraltar Disability Society

The Gibraltar Disability Society is a charity that was founded in 1966. We offer help and advice, where we can, to people with disabilities and their families who are resident in Gibraltar. We continue to campaign for legislation to protect the right of people with disabilities, improvement in the services provided by government and for the introduction of other services to further improve the lives of disabled people and their families in Gibraltar. We are at present lobbying government for supported employment to benefit those who use the present services and those who are in main stream education. We also raise funds to help contribute to therapist recommended equipment for local people with disabilities.

We offer help and support to all persons with disabilities in Gibraltar regardless of whether they are a registered member. Contact details of those who do become registered members are kept on file for the purpose correspondence. By becoming a registered member a person agrees to having their contact details kept on file.